Maintaining Your Mid-Century Pieces

These are recommendations based on products we use to care for vintage pieces. Always read and follow the instructions on the product packaging


When required, use non-toxic furniture polishes to clean wooden surfaces (as these will not damage the finish) We use Method Wood Polish, occasional use of Wood Silk non-silicon polish.

If the item has been finished with oil, replenish the oil when required (i.e when the wood has become dry) following the instructions on the oil tin.

We recommend that you don’t leave furniture in direct sunlight as this can cause fading, especially to furniture finished with varnish or lacquer.

Be sure to wipe dry any water or liquids on surfaces immediately (always use coasters!)


To avoid cracking, use leather balsam on leather items (this should be done when the leather is clean and dry). We use Renapur Leather Balsam and/or Carnauba Creme

Keep leather out of direct sunlight as it can fade.

Keep dry, as water marks can remain on leather items, when required use leather cleaner (wipes/leather shampoo) ensuring to always follow the directions on the packaging.

Silver / Silver Plate

Ensure items are clean ready for polishing. We use Goddard’s Long Term Silver Polish Cloth.

Constant polishing will cause long-term damage to silver plate and can remove decoration on silver.


All lighting has been checked and tested by professional electricians, to ensure the longevity of lighting, LED bulbs with the lowest possible wattage should be used (as they remain cool & do not damage lighting).

We recommend all mid-century/antique lighting is tested regularly, to maintain its use and safety.

Upholstered Pieces

Keep fabrics out of direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and discolouration.

Try to keep fabrics dry, if a spillage occurs, dab liquid off immediately, do not wipe or rub, as this may spread the stain and cause pilling/bobbling of the fabric. Use non-toxic stain removers if required.