Mid 20th Century Ceramic Vase By Taize



Mid 20th Century Ceramic Vase
By Taize (stamped on the base)
Made in France
The dark grey vase has a bulbus shape with a narrowing opening at the top.
The grey glaze has flecks of lighter shades of brown, giving the vase a mottled effect.
It is made using red clay.
History of Taize Community:
Taize Community was started in 1940 by Brother Roger. Throughout history, this community has provided refuge for those escaping war.
The community also produce pottery for sale in Taize.

Condition report:

Good Condition – Overall good condition, there are some chips to the base of the vase.
There is also a make on one side of the vase


H. 18cm W. 18cm D. 18cm

Ref. 59H